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Who we are?

Leeas Nutracosmetics founded in 2020 by Mr. Amit Khandekar and Mrs. Leena Khandekar.


Manufacture & Supply world class Drug Free Certified Nutrition Supplements


Nutrition an important pillar in skin beauty.


"Beauty from Within"

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Why Us?

Dope Free

Unique Packaging- Pre-portioned Sachets

Age, Gender, Sports Specific

State-of-the-art FDA Approved Manufacturing Facilities

100 % Vegetarian

Every Production Batch Certified, By BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group, USA)

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Amazing Results

I am using LeeAs Gmine C+ for a few months and have found amazing results. I had purchased the product for boosting immunity and I would say the product has given me amazing results. I am extremely happy with the supplement and would highly recommend LeeAs Gmine C+ to others. If you want to boost your immunity do try LeeAs Gmine C+

Priyanka Mundale Sapre

Amazing product

I have been taking this product for few days. Amazing product by Leena Khandekar of LeeA's Spa & Salon, Pune. Highly recommended

Ms. Simmi Basin

Excellence and 100% genuine products

Excellence and 100% genuine products. Would rate a 5/5.

Geeta Badave

Best product to recover from covid19.

While recovering from the covid, I came across a product from leeAsNutraCosmetics Gmine C+. This particular product has been recommeded by Ms. Leena khandekar and this has certainly help me to recover in terms of weakness. So currently post covid after 2-3 weeks of covid, I am feeling very much energetic right now, I could recover and I have restarted my work.

Deepali Kulkarni


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Gmine C+

Immunity Booster

Dermi - Radiance

Glowing Skin

GoldMine - CP+

Reverse Aging